If you are confused about the “Master” and “Jungle” in the set names…


Toa isn’t an Agori word, so when the Toa speak Agori, it likely comes out as the closest equivalent; Master being a good fit.

Spherus Magna had 6 distinct regions, one of which is the Great Jungle. Even if we assume that the particular serial is canon, Lewa was last seen on Bota Magna/The Great Jungle, and if he’s been there for a while, it would make sense that he would be known as a Master of the Jungle, and not just for his Elemental Powers.

I love this explanation. It makes so much sense!

drumasaurs asked:

Hey I have a question for you about your Lewa Phantoka sword. I understand how you did it until you get to the individual shapes. When you get the shapes from Autodesk 123dMake, do you then hand draw them? How did you get them on the plastic board? I appreciate any advice you can give!

crunchbitenuva answered:

After I got the shapes for each layer, I printed them out from 123dMake and then I traced the pattern onto the board.

Sweet! Thanks for the help!